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What the heck is a subluxation?

Maybe you've never heard the term.  That's OK.  There was probably a time when you'd never heard of AIDS or Alzheimer's.  Like the separate notes of a musical chord, a subluxation can simultaneously involve joints, nerves, muscles, soft tissues and degenerative changes.  Like a cell phone that disconnects, a subluxation may cause your brain to lose vital communications.

You have more than 200 bones in your body.  Whenever two bones come together at a joint, there can be movement.  Since joints in your spine are so close to your spinal cord and nerve roots, too much or too little joint motion can have serious effects.  If spinal bones get "stuck", they can irritate or chafe delicate nerves.  If a joint moves too much, spinal bones can press against adjacent nerve tissue.  This can interefere with the vital "life force" transmitted over your nervous system that helps keep your brain in touch with your body. 

The result is the vertebral subluxation complex, or more simply, a subluxation.

A chiropractic doctor is the only licensed healthcare professional dedicated to the detection, reduction and prevention of spinal subluxations.